Lazarus IDE with "less windows"

If you dislike using the Free Pascal and Delphi compatible IDE Lazarus simply because of its unique detached window layout, you can enable a package that already came with your install of Lazarus to change that.

How your install of Lazarus IDE could look like How your install of Lazarus IDE could look like

The package

The package you want is called “AnchorDockingDsgn” (not to be mistaken with the “anchordocking” package). To install it, launch your copy of Lazarus IDE, then navigate to “Package -> Install/Uninstall packages”. Under the “Available for installation” section type in the previously mentioned “AnchorDockingDsgn”. After selecting it, click the “Install selection” button bellow, and finally the “Save and rebuild IDE” button. Once the IDE is recompiled, you should be greeted with a similarly looking single window as in the image above.

My preferences

I prefer to change the header style of the docked windows to “ThemedButton” by right-clicking on the docked window’s header and selecting “Docking options” or by going to “Tools -> Options” and on the left tree-view navigating to “Environment -> Docking / AnchorDocking”.


You can move the docked windows around by dragging their headers. It does take a bit of playing around to get things where you want them to be at. But once you’re done, you’re done. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll prefer this more “modern” look that many other popular IDEs have.

You can find more information about the Lazarus IDE at (and the Free Pascal compiler at

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