Concerning SDL2 as a GTK2 form control in Pascal/Lazarus

I hop between Windows 10 and Linux Mint constantly. The basic Lazarus components work fine without much changes need, if any at all. However, I wanted to use SDL2 as a form component because CPU rendering was too slow for my needs. I had for the first time to actually use compile time conditionals for these GTK2 specific problems to get SDL2 running without any issues on Linux Mint. SDL2 for Pascal Before continuing, I have to mention that I’m using the SDL2-for-Pascal units that can be found on GitHub.

Lazarus IDE with "less windows"

If you dislike using the Free Pascal and Delphi compatible IDE Lazarus simply because of its unique detached window layout, you can enable a package that already came with your install of Lazarus to change that. How your install of Lazarus IDE could look like The package The package you want is called “AnchorDockingDsgn” (not to be mistaken with the “anchordocking” package). To install it, launch your copy of Lazarus IDE, then navigate to “Package -> Install/Uninstall packages”.

Setting up Blender for 3d pixel art modelling and texturing

I’m fascinated by very low-poly 3d models with low resolution textures. It’s something that I adore. Alongside it, I’m also interested in trying to combine pixel art with 3d models. Thus, I’m writing this article mostly for myself since I tend to forget this stuff. “Lowpoly Bear Mech” by KennethFejer For 3d modelling I use Blender – a powerful, free and open-source 3d modelling software, hence these instructions are very much Blender specific. orthographic camera

With game engine’s lack of proper documentation a pinch of banging your head against the wall is needed. Especially if you’re like me and have very little knowledge about game-making or just programming in general. Orthographic view example with additional camera controls I only saw a mention in the community that in order to use an orthographic camera projection, you need to set the bound for But that by itself wasn’t very useful because a nincompoop like me is too stupid to infer the vast mathematical perverseness that is needed to do just that.